Cyndi Lauper- New Single

The cover art for Cyndi’s new single “Same Ol’ Story” has been released!

First Single- Same Ol’ Story -Cyndi Lauper

The first track released from the album is confirmed as “SAME OL’ STORY” and will be available from ITUNES on the 6th of May!
Dont forget to pre-order the album from Amazon:

Cyndi Lauper - Bring Ya To The Brink CD


Here is the cover art for Cyndi’s new album. The track listing has also been released with 2 bonus tracks in Japan.

01. High & Mighty
02. Into The Night Life
03. Rocking Chair
04. Echo
05. Lyfe
06. Same Ol’ Story
07. Raging Storm
08. Lay Me Down
09. Give It Up
10. Set Your Heart
11. Grab A Hold
12. Rain On Me
13. Got Candy( Japan / I-tunes Bonus Track)
14. Can’t Breathe(Japan / I-tunes Bonus Track)

Cyndi Lauper Bring Ya To The Brink


Cyndi Lauper’s new album will be released on the 27th of May!
Pre-order your copy now through Amazon:

US version: Bring Ya to the Brink

Japanese Import: Bring Ya to the Brink

Let 2008 be Cyndi’s year!

Cyndi Lauper “Pubs and Clubs” interview


“Pubs and Clubs Australia” is a local entertainment website. A fantastic article on Cyndi was just published, with some great quotes.
Read it here:

Cyndi Lauper arrives in Australia


Cyndi Lauper has arrived in Australia. Here is an article and picture taken at Sydney Airport:,26278,23247237-5013560,00.html


Here is my favourite picture of Cyndi Lauper from the recent
Grammy Awards. Enjoy! :)

Cyndi Lauper TODAY show Channel 9

Cyndi Lauper is a guest on the TODAY show Wednesday 20th February. Today airs on Channel 9 from 6am- 9am.
From the Today website-
Tomorrow on TODAY:
We chat to the always effervescent and thoroughly engaging Cyndi Lauper, proving once again that girls just want to have fun.

Sunday Herald Sun Magazine- Cyndi Lauper


Another 2 page article has appeared in the Australian press.
“Living Colour”
“After bringing her individual sense of style to the streets of Queens, Cyndi Lauper continues to make a unique brand of music that challenges society and stands up for those who’ve supported her. Twenty-five years in the biz and it’s clear that this 54-year-old mother is still happy to show her true colours”
Link not yet available.

Cyndi Lauper- Womans Day Magazine!


Cyndi Lauper “I’m Still Having Fun”
A fabulous article has appeared in this weeks Woman’s Day ( one of Australia’s leading weekly magazines )
It is a 2 page interview with some very interesting answers.
Read the interview here:

Cyndi Lauper-Grammy awards

grammy.jpgCyndi has been confirmed as a presenter for Thursdays Grammy awards!

Australian press: Cyndi Still Having Fun

Cyndi Lauper Still Having Fun

The Australians love Cyndi! This 2 page article is definitely worth a read:

Concert Review: Sheraton Waikiki

Cyndi Lauper sings at the Sheraton Waikiki

Cyndi opened with Hole in My Heart and the crowds went wild! Read more of this great review on the Star Bulletin website:

Cyndi Lauper- A bit of negative press

cynd.jpgIt is not often I see anything negative about Cyndi so I thought Id post this. It is from Express Gay News. I really think that Dish should give her a break! Here is the quote:

“Also in attendance and dancing happily was gay icon CYNDI LAUPER. Although she bopped in the DJ booth, she wasn’t quite so nice when she was out in the crowd.

When Dish came by, bowing and scraping and expressing endless love, Lauper told us that she “didn’t want to be bothered.” Oh, excuse Dish. How ridiculous of us to expect that a gay icon attending a gay dance party might find herself the subject of some queer adoration.

We’ll remember that you don’t want to be bothered the next time we’re asked to shell out big bucks for one of your concert tours, Cyndi.”

The full article can be found here:

Cyndi Lauper Mardi Gras Poster

Here is the official Mardi Gras poster. Enjoy!

The Tour Dates are here!

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