Cyndi Lauper- A bit of negative press

cynd.jpgIt is not often I see anything negative about Cyndi so I thought Id post this. It is from Express Gay News. I really think that Dish should give her a break! Here is the quote:

“Also in attendance and dancing happily was gay icon CYNDI LAUPER. Although she bopped in the DJ booth, she wasn’t quite so nice when she was out in the crowd.

When Dish came by, bowing and scraping and expressing endless love, Lauper told us that she “didn’t want to be bothered.” Oh, excuse Dish. How ridiculous of us to expect that a gay icon attending a gay dance party might find herself the subject of some queer adoration.

We’ll remember that you don’t want to be bothered the next time we’re asked to shell out big bucks for one of your concert tours, Cyndi.”

The full article can be found here:

Cyndi Lauper Mardi Gras Poster

Here is the official Mardi Gras poster. Enjoy!, Inc.

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